Variante Camino Internacional #676, Fono (045) 244 3960 - Cel. 9 9565 2721 / 9 8500 7043 /

Hostel Klaus in Pucon

Welcome to Pucon! Klaus and Julie offer you a comfortable hostel. Our guests expected
a friendly and pleasant climate, a nice place to relax. The hostel has three bedrooms and each one has its own bathroom. In a common room there is a TV. Internet access is free of charge in all areas.

There is also a community kitchen.
The bus stations are reachable with the Sammeltaxi at a price of 500 pesos per person in 5 min Pucon is one of the most
important tourist destinations in Chile:

The volcano Villarrica (2840m high) is only 12km from Pucon and the ascent to its crater is one of the attractions.
The Lago Villarrica, on the Pucon, is one of the largest lakes of Chile.

Pukons sandy beaches and thermal springs in the surrounding area invite you to bathe.
On the Rio Trancura, which flows into the lake here, rafting is a popular adventure.
Hikes to the national parks and waterfalls in the area, but also horseback riding. are activities that can be undertaken throughout the year.